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    Looking For Web Hosting Financial Partner

    Hello WHT Users,
    Currently Established-Hosting are looking for a partner that could contribute in buying some software to improve the serverices.
    Also we are low in budget right now, So we are now looking for 2 people who can help use out. You will gain 25% of profits gained.
    Currently we have Server/Website/WHM/cPanel/Client exec. All up and running, All we need is to purchase traffic if you add us
    at msn at ' Support @ establishedhosting . com '.

    Thank allot, Will be waiting for replies.

    P.S. I don't mind companies helping either. Thanks

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    MSN - [email protected]
    Email - [email protected]

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    You need traffic or you need money?
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    We need money to buy the traffic. We will email you some links if you provide your email. If youre intreasted in helping us in a diffrent way, Please email us.


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    How much money are you looking for?
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