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    Setting up Nameservers on your RaQ...

    Hi there,

    I purschased a RaQ4, and placed it in my Cabinet in the DC.

    After running the setups i configged what needed to be configged, installed all of the official updates with succes.

    But now i am a little confused to be honest, i dont quite understand how the Nameservers work. I have never before had to make my own nameservers.

    I got more ips from my DC to use for Nameservers-
    I also got a Domain reseller wich at every register is asks for 2 nameservers wich i dont have yet.

    My questions:

    How do i take care of this issue ? Where do i start ?

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    First: register your nameservers at your registrar.
    i.e. > (IP) > (IP)

    Most all registrars allow this.

    Second: set them up just like domains on your RAQ

    Third...... stay tuned but that will take a while to propagate.
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    Thank you for your reply.

    Unfortunately the information you posted i already know.

    Ive never worked with a cobalt before so i dont even know how to setup a domain in this damn thing.

    wich menu path do i follow to get there ? what do i ad ?

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    When you log into the CP as admin, go to Control Panel, DNS Parameters.

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