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    Wondering what you guys thought of this.

    Xbox 360 Forum

    I did most of this myself. I plan to change the header and nav bar still but I feel the rest is mainly complete.

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    Couldn't be found.
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    Seems fine to me. Please try again and does anyone else have a problem?

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    Looks nice. but I would choose a different name since what if MS releases their next system and call it differently? Just a thought...

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    360 is the official name and it was announced about 3 weeks ago is the official site

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    Nice site but where did you get 2000 members from and just 1400 posts?
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    The members are from my It was easier to move their user table instead of asking all of them to sign up again. I have some very loyal followers that join all my sites. It's actually very handy.

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    very nice looking. Where did you get the phpbb theme?

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    I made it myself. I created just about all the graphics and made many CSS changes. I also w3c and css validated most of the main pages. The phpbb is heavily modified and I have over a 2 dozen hacks installed. On the admin side I have some of the best mods installed to help control the traffic I expect to come. My PSP Forums does very well also.

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    good idea, not design too..

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