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    Should I expect a better response than this?

    I feel like my server provider is not assisting me as they should.

    So... Im just gonna post this support ticket here and see what others have to say/offer on this. I am not going to divulge the name of the provider becaue I just don't think it's right to do so. I am not here to smear any company, I am here to get answers and possibly find a company that would be more suitable for our needs.

    ------------The ticket starts here----------------->


    I woud like to see if I could get some assitance with a shell script. I need a shell script that will produce an html page from a dynamic page.

    Here is a dynamic page:

    I would like to have a script that will produce an html page but will still keep the price as dynamic. This way each time we update the prices in the Database, the "non dynamic" pages will show the price updates also. (I guess that would make it partially dynamic anyway.) I use this simple script to echo the prices by product ID number now. I link each page to this script
    located at /home/acdirect/public_html/matrixhead.php. I require the script in each page where I want the prices to be displayed. Then I display the price like this: $<? echo (getPrice(1157));?>

    So the script would need to replace the price with the code and name the page accordingly. In this instance the page that the script produces would be called 1157.php and would be located at /shop

    Is there an easy way to do this? I understand that something similar can be done using Apache Mod Rewrite but I do not know the repurcussions of that in terms of Search Engine Optimization and SEO is the reason for needing this script in the first place.

    Any assistance would be appreciated and of course we do expect to be invoiced for the charges incurred.

    Thank you!

    Subject: Re: Assistance with Shell Scripting 2005-06-06 13:14:11
    Unfortunately writing a script such as this is beyond our support capabilities. You can make html pages be processed as php and use php for the dynamic sections of the page.

    Subject: Re: Re: Assistance with Shell Scripting 2005-06-06 13:49:37
    Please bring this request to the attention of someone that will read the entire request and give a more professional and educated response to the request.

    Thank you,

    Subject: Re: Re: Assistance with Shell Scripting 2005-06-06 13:53:56
    I did read the entire request however writing scripts such as this is not part of the service we provide. We also do not have the staff available at the moment to write such a script. For this type of work I would reccommend contracting with a php consultant.

    I am sorry if my response seemed "uneducated."



    Subject: Re: Re: Assistance with Shell Scripting 2005-06-06 14:18:56
    The reason it seemed so is because you did not address the nature of the request. It is not PHP scripting that is required at all. Also, no information regarding apache mod rewrite was offered either. Am I asking too much to expect a provider to have the resources to at least provide us with answers to our questions and not just terse reponses that make it seem like
    you dont have any time to assist customers?

    I certainly understand if you do not have the staff available to do this type of work. Dont get me wrong... I am VERY happy with the reliability of
    XXXXXXX network and Data Center. Frankly; it's head and shoulders
    above ALL others we have used including the much over priced and undermanaged service we experienced at XXXXXXXXX could you at least point us toward
    a reliable outsource?


    Subject: Re: Re: Assistance with Shell Scripting 2005-06-06 16:01:32
    It sounds like it would not be difficult to do what you want with php however I
    am not familiar with the language enough to know exactly how to do it. I will forward this to another one of our techs that knows php more.


    Automated message 2005-06-06 16:02:41
    Request Reassigned to XXXXXXXX. by XXXXXXXX

    Automated message 2005-06-06 17:10:25
    Request Reassigned to [email protected] by XXXXXX

    Subject: Re:Re: Assistance with Shell Scripting 2005-06-06 22:53:55
    From: XXXXXXXX

    I have seen scripts that can do stuff such as this, maybe take a look at as they have a lot of free code over there where as you might be able to find something you can use. Also as for the mod rewrite that is possible but I dont think it will suite your needs ... if you wanted to give that a try I would jsut head to and do a search for "mod rewrite and .htaccess" something along those lines might get you the
    results that you need.

    (edited to remove one entry of company name I missed)

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    No you really shouldn't expect a much better response. Sure they could have been a little more professional but your request is way out of the scope of support that any host will provide.

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    If I read this right, you want your hosting company to write a script for you?

    I think their response was appropriate... I think you're a bit out of touch if you thought they were going to do this.

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    It's Liquidweb's job to manage your server, not give development advice... I would say they are completely justified in their response.

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    I think they were more tha professional and proper with their response. It's DEFINITELY not their job to write you scripts, not only that, why would they spend their time searching the web for scripts for you? They're a hosting company... unless "creating webpages" is in their product services, you're completely off base asking the for this.

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    Personally i think your provider handled it well and was honest enough to say that they could not and were not obliged to help you.

    It was your response that i found disturbing :-

    Subject: Re: Re: Assistance with Shell Scripting 2005-06-06 13:49:37
    Please bring this request to the attention of someone that will read the entire request and give a more professional and educated response to the request.

    I think thats a damn rude and the provider handled it well.

    Just my 0.2c

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    Note the difference between WEB HOSTING PROVIDER and PHP PROGRAMMER ... they do different things.

    Well handled whoever the provider was in this case.

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    I think that was very well handled, thats well above the level of support a hosting company should be providing.
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    Actually it's at, the server is managed, but they won't run your bussiness for you

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    I think it is important for every company to outline the support boundries and what will and won't be done.

    As far as writing a script is concerned.. umm no.

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    Here's a better question for you. If you want someone to write scripts for you, why did you choose to ask a server provider who does not say they provide those sorts of services rather than a programmer, who presumably would?

    Rock on, for the provider. You can't get a better reponse than that from a company who knows their own policies and limits.

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    The PHP is not what is needed or asked for. It's already done. What I am looking for is a way to have my server produce static pages from dynamic pages. I guess I gave too much information in my request and it made it confusing. What I do expect is assistance with Apache Modrewrite information, or assistance with writing a SHELL script that would do this. Is it to much to ask for assistance with Apache Modrewrite?

    If you notice in here ("Any assistance would be appreciated and of course we do expect to be invoiced for the charges incurred.") we never expected to get anything free.

    Are there other providers available that offer additional services that complement a Dedicated Server offer? i.e., scripting etc?

    Who is better equipped to assist me with Apache related questions?

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    It's within their scope to tell you that mod_rewrite will take an incoming url and write it to a new url that the server can locate, and install it if you wish.

    It's not up to them to determine if that is what you need, and certainly not to write a shell script for you.
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    I think the whole thing was handled well by the service provider. Their fudiciary obligation is limited to providing you with a working machine with the right components installed - like providing a car and its maintenance. Driving is your responsibility and trying to install an addon in the car - again your responsibility.

    my 2 cents.

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