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    Ok.. first let me say that I am in no rush to sell this site & am mearly testing the waters; if I get the right offer I will sell it; if not, I'll happily keep it! :-)

    The site for sale is:

    This site was completely custom developed from scratch.. all the programming & design have all been custom developed (minus a few small pieces of javascript code).

    The domain itself is a nice generic term & was purchased specifically for this project.. the term "html forms" has a 4500+ overture score.

    The design was all done by a professional designer & I would estimate is worth at least $1k by itself.

    The coding was all custom developed by myself & took me a good part of 6 months to complete.... there is an absoloute ton of coding involved with this site & all it's related scripts.

    Now for some info on how the site works:

    The site is a "form wizard" per se that users can use to instantly create web forms (html forms); if they pay to use the wizard they can get "cut & paste" code provided to them when they have finished creating their form so they can easily copy it into their web page OR they can host the form with us on our server; free users only have the option to have the form hosted on our server (to take advantage of advertisements that you display on their pages).

    As you can see the site is implemented with Paypal & once you login you are given the option to buy credits and/or buy a yearly subscription to turn ads off on your forms.

    Your best bet to gain as much info on the site as possible would be to visit it & take a look around & have a read up on everything. If you would like to check out how the paid form wizard functions & see all it's extra features; PM or post to show your interest & let me know & I will issue you with some credits to use the Pro version.

    There is a LOT more than meets the eye..

    You will notice if users use the free formmaker wizard they will be presented with a question to select what their site is about that they will be using the form for... this is so we can target the traffic for advertisements... each of those selections you see has their own individual ad file (which can also be rotating if you want to ad several ads) so you will be showing targeted ads to your traffic base. Targeted ads will even show on the "thank you" page when a user submits a users form.

    That's not all.... included in the ad display is an option you can set so you can use a main ad file to display instead of the individual ad files. Example: Say you just launched a new site that was geared towards a "general audience" (so it would be suited to display to any traffic base).... if you wanted to give your site a boost; simply chnage this option & the whole site will display ONLY this ad file & ignore the targeted ad files.... change the option back & the site will go back to displaying the targeteted ad files.

    Next up we have a awesome admin stats section where you can see an assortment of stats on how the site is doing.... stats such as:

    Total Users, Activated Users, Unactivated Users
    New users signups month by month/yuear by year
    Detailed stats on forms created; such as.. total free forms, total pro code forms & total pro hosted forms.. additionally a breakdown on each type on a month by month basis
    A seperate page that tracks ad impressions for each ad category on a month by month/year by year basis
    Another page that tracks credits & pro hosted yearly subscriptions purchased on a month by month/year by year basis
    Also a place that tracks your earnings on a month by month/year by year basis

    Affiliate Program

    The site even comes with a built in affiliate program that I recently custom made.. which I can show to serious buyers who want to find out more. :-)

    Low Competition

    Running a niche based site like this can be good if you know how to get the traffic flowing to it.... there isn't a whole lot of competition in this area.. there is a few other similar sites (with the most popular being ) but really not a whole lot of compeition; so you definately have a chance to make it big if you know how to market it!

    Why am I selling?

    2 Reasons:

    I don't have the means to make the site as big as it can be with the proper marketing & know how... just look @ that other site I mentioned ( ) .. they are a pretty popular site & they are generally more expensive than .. you need to stay on a subscription there to keep your form up where as @ you don't.... the word just has to get out... so basically it hasn't done as good as I had hoped, but that's mainly because I can't drive enough traffic to it! :-(

    Second reason is I would like to get some cash to put towards other projects that I am doing better in.... I mean, this site definately has potential with the right person behind it.. but that doesn't appear to be me. :-(

    Ok, I guess everyone is wondering when I am going to get down to the nitty gritty & tell you the traffic & revenue details!?


    Nov 04: $44.60
    Dec 04: $55.60
    Jan 05: $109.05
    Feb 05: $0.00
    Mar 05: $21.85
    Apr 05: $0.00
    May 05: $11.90
    Jun 05: $0.00

    Traffic is currently @ about 25 uniques/day to the homepage without any advertising & about 120/day to all the pages including the form pages. (Data was calculated over the last full month).

    Now if you're wondering why the revenue was a lot better when I started the site, it was because I purchased a link on for a month that ended up being there for about 2 months & they sent about 500+ users to the site/day.

    How much am I looking for?

    I am looking for offers in the $x,xxx range; with a BIN of $5,000. Please don't make any offers lower than this. Thanks!

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    awesome website, good luck w/ the sale

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    Thanks NickRac!

    High offer is currently $1200. Keep the offers coming!

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    nice site keep me posted on the bids as i may bid thx

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    Just sent you an email from the site, couldn't PM you for some reason.

    I'll bid $1500 if you can make the modifications I just emailed you about.

    Please do not sell this site without discussing with me.


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    @vibesolutions: Sure thing... I'll keep you updated & thank you for your interest!

    @jmacgregor: Replied to your email.

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    Receiving some good interest but need to get offers a little higher.

    BIN has been lowered to $4,000.

    Btw... depending on the sale price I may be willing to make modifications to parts of the site if you would like anything changed or added; don't hesitate to send me a PM to ask!

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    New high offer is $2000.

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    Current high offer $2000.

    Last reduction on BIN: $3000. Grab it now!

    If no-one takes it with the BIN shortly & no more offers are received I will start negotiating with the users who have made the best offers.

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