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    VLAN by IP


    I'm looking to omplement a VLAN solution. I have multible subnets and I would like to add VLANs within these subnets based on IP addresses. e.g. and is one VLAN and and is another etc. All VLANs must be able to exchange data with other VLANs within the same subnet (and other subnets as well).

    I currently have Dell 3024 switches, and I am only able to assign ports to VLANs (not by IP) and the VLANs are not able to communicate with each other.

    I asume that the Dell switch is not able to perform this task. What kind of equipment will I need and is my senario posible at all?

    Thank you

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    VLANS cannot communicate with eachother on layer 2 switches, you will need to include a layer3 switch (or an l2 switch with l3 capabilities) into your network... as for which exact hardware to use, that depends on your needs, the amount of vlans, amount of traffic etc... Once you post that I'm sure the experts here can give you a good idea of which hardware will do
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    primary around 48 100mbit ports and a couple of 1gbit for uplink. Other then that just the vlan functionallity. It would be nice to be able to control what ips are allowed at what ports or some other functionallity which can pervent users from stealing ip-addresses.... otherwhise just basic tings like mirror ports...

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