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    payment processors for middle eastern countries

    Hello guys, Im from a country from the middle east. One of the main problems on starting an online business in the middle east is receiving payments. Since paypal is not supported, and many payment processors dont support my country which is Bahrain, Im wondering if any of you guys are from middle eastern countries, or from countries that are not supported by paypal.

    I came across 2checkout, and it does support my country, however i read horrible stories of people not receiving their money on time, or at all. I guess 2checkout would might work all well at the beginning, however when the business expands, and it starts receiving many payments, it might not be a good idea to stay with 2checkout.

    So guys do you have any alternatives to 2checkout?

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    We are using stormpay, they've been always good with us..

    I do live in Bahrain too, and we had no problems with Stormpay, except their high fees.

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    I use 2co in israel and they are very good, no delays or anything and the wire the money in my currency directly to my account.
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