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    Domain name Transfer

    What is the Ploicy of Domain NAme Transfer?
    I have heard that whan it is transfered than 1 year additional transfer is already made. What is that ?

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    In a nutshell... say I have a domain that I just purchased at GoDaddy and I want to transfer it over to NameCheap.

    First I have to wait 60 days past the time that I initially purchased it (ICANN rule). Then I have to go into my GoDaddy account and make sure that the domain name is "unlocked" so that it can be transferred.

    Then I go to NameCheap and initiate a transfer from there. To transfer the domain name I have to pay NameCheap for an additional year of registration (usually $8.88 at NameCheap). Then there are some emails sent to me from the two registrars that I have to respond to and verify that, Yes, I am transferring the name from GoDaddy to NameCheap.

    Once the email is transferred over to NameCheap, they automatically add another year to my domain name's registration time because I had to pay NameCheap the $8.88 to transfer it. I just used GoDaddy and NameCheap as examples, but it works pretty much the same at all registrars.
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    Perfectly explained by 4solutions!

    Make sure YOUR contact information is listed properly on whois because the Domain transfer verification email will be sent to your Administrative / Technical contact email listed on Whois.
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    It is always sent to Administrative Contact E-mail Address not technical

    I would add that it takes around 5-9 days to transfer the domain name normally after the approval of the request.
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