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    Turck MMCache and PHP 4.3.11 problem


    After upgrading PHP to 4.3.11 (from 4.3.10) on one of my servers I experienced serious problem with Turck MMCache which has been running there (version 2.4.6, of course I recompiled it after compiling new PHP).

    Httpd processes started taking much more of CPU time than they previously did resulting server becoming overloaded in two or three minutes. I turned off MMCache and everything got back to normal, so this issue isn't very urgent. But I'd like to resolve it and turn back MMCache again on this box.

    Did you guys have any problems with MMCache running with PHP 4.3.11?

    Well, I made two changes into PHP configuration line:

    1) switched from using mysql libraries provided by PHP (ver 3.2) into system libraries from my mysql (4.1) by adding path to /usr in --enable-mysql option.

    2) added exif support by adding --enable-exif option.

    But they seem not to cause any problems (there are no problems if MMCache is not being loaded by PHP after I commented it in php.ini).

    There are some possibilities:
    1) MMCache has some conflicts with PHP 4.3.11
    2) MMCache has some conflicts with MySQL libraries 4.1.*
    3) MMCache has some conflicts with PHP's exif library
    4) MMCache has some conflicts with PHP 4.3.11 using one of mentioned libaries.
    5) There are some other strange conflicts.

    I know I shouldn't change so many things at once. If I'd first upgrade PHP without changing config line, then recompile it again changing MySQL libraries and then recompile it again adding exif support, I'd probably got to know when problems started to occur. But I didn't wanted to do so many httpd restarts in the middle of the day (we have afternoon here in Europe) and I urgently needed to change MySQL libraries used by PHP. :/

    Have you experienced any similar problem before and can give me any hint what was wrong in your case?

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    I'm not going to be of much help, but I do believe Turck is pretty much dead. Eaccelerator is the continuance of that project:

    Hope that helps!

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    mmcache has to be recompiled after every upgrade
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    Yup, I know that MMCache needs to be recompiled afer every PHP change and I did so and wrote about it in my post.

    I haven't tested eAccelerator yet. Need to get to know more about it, so I'm going to search thru some forums. Thanks.

    Anyway, nobody had such problem with MMCachce and new PHP? :/

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    About eAccelerator, I had some doubt like yourself initially too. It's basically the same (the way it's configured and the look, I don't know much about the internal stuff) as mmcache. Only it's compatible much better with php5. For me, mmcache wasn't able to cache nested includes, eAccelerator solved it. Good jobs to those guys take up the proj running from mmcache!

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    I'm just wondering if it's really stable when I look at their changelog. They released three versions during last month and a comment for the last version (from before three weeks) is: Lot's of bugs have been fixed since previous version (which was released one week before)... well, I'm just scary installing it on production servers.

    I think I'll try to fight with this mmcache and wait for eaccelerator to grow up and become more stable. But it's really good that someone is continuing developing mmcache!

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    I haven't have problems running MMCache with 4.3.11.
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    turk probably works well for 4.3.11, but I don't think it's being updated for the past few versions of php, so I would expect that it will break over time as new php updates are released.

    eaccelerator seems to have picked up the mmcache project. I'm not clear if it is the same codebase or not, but I thought I heard somewhere that it was.

    Anyways, I have been using eaccelerater on some relatively high traffic sites ( and my squirrelmail site) with great results using php 4.3.11. I believe it works with php5 as well, as someone stated earlier.

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    eAccelerator is MMCache with patches applied to it.

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    MMcache is pretty much just dead, as someone's said, use Eaccelerator, that's your best bet. It's the same code, same everything, but they're updating it, whereas turcke hasn't had an update in almost 2 years.

    Unfortunately, eaccelerator still doesn't encode under php5, but it will in time I'm sure
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