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    Angry Designload (Dead or Alive)

    I purchase an premium account from Designload. What I got is a username and password, with which I cannot login. I send 3-4 mails regarding this. to Peter Olexa, Vilords media. No one responded till now. I just wanna ask is this Designload a fake website, which take money and cheat people?

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    I send them 3-4 mails and also send msg from the live support system for which the operator never comes online.

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    I have been using designload premium for a few months and I have not had any trouble.
    Sorry to hear about your trouble hope you get it fixed.

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    Does anyone have the Telephone Nos. to contact Designload ? If so, Pls send me.


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    they are not fake but if for any reason when you registered you put an email address just like yahoo or hotmail you will have to wait until they call you and verify your order. It is a lame procedure I had to wait more than a week to get my subcription validated after that it's ok
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    It's not a fake site. Mine took 3 days after I emailed Peter on the second day. That was sometime August 2004.
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    sounds like they do not have instant account activation. Which helps in fraud prevention.

    This is what their website says in the FAQ:

    11. How long does the authorization period take?
    Authorizations are done within 60 minutes after your purchase, if your order was done from 8am to 11pm GMT. If you ordered between 11pm and 8am our time, you will need to wait till the morning.

    Best of luck!

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    This is what I get from them.

    From: "Vilords media" <[email protected]>
    To: <[email protected]>
    Subject: support
    Date: Sunday, June 05, 2005 1:41 PM


    Your account at has been activated.

    Please use following access information:
    Login: ************
    Pass: *******

    Peter Olexa
    Vilords media

    And still now I coudint access the site with the username and password they supplied. I send them 3-4 mails regarding this and no reply's till now. Pls somebody give the Telephone nos. for these guys.


    [email protected]

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    At Last I am in. You know, I contacted through the telephone and in minutes they send me a mail which was a CC. of the mail send to Designload to do the follow up. And in 30 minutes times Designload contacted me with the new Username and Password. I am very thankful to Sharper in to make this happen. And all u guys supported me.


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    I found this post about because I got suspusious when, after i paid, it took them not 60 minutes but a whole day and after i emailed them, before i got my activation code.
    I'm a member for 5 days now, i downloaded a few things, but allready this turns out to be a huge pain in the butt.
    Now when i try to download, the pop-upwindow does not generate a validation code. Nothing has changed on my end(browser/settings etc)

    I have allready sent 2 emails, with no response from them.
    I should have checked them out before i paid, because now i realize, they have NO PHONE# listed and their so-called "live support" is apparently DEAD support also on all their "affaliates" sites, who are obviously the same person.

    It took them 5 seconds to take my money, but there's no customer support whatsoever.
    No report on them at the BBB, I believe i will be the first to report this jerk.

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