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    Strange Stats Keyphrases - Lately...

    Check your AW Stats keyphrases expanded view.

    Lately across a few sites I have some humorous (for lack of a better term) search phrases coming up. Might be google's new algorithm, might be a new AW Stats exploit.

    Might be I have seriously done the opposite of optimize my "web hosting" pages....

    Heck I might have posted in the wrong forum, but I wanted to check with others that there was not a security problem. I am feeling insecure with these queries bringing up my pages


    insurance adjuster checklist replacement food cabinet contents after kitchen fire smoke cleanup

    faulty construction practices leading to disastrous impact on life & property during cyclones & earthquakes

    faulty construction causing massive destruction during earthquake cyclone

    recommended fire fighting water inventory calculations petroleum refinery nfpa

    how to get all telephone numbers that spell something in an area code and prefix

    1979 khomeini an islamic fundamentalist who was exiled for speaking against the shah returns and takes power

    relevant research on will salt have an effect on water to make it lather using a bar mix

    Anyone else?
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