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    modernbill question...


    I am fairly new to using Modernbill to manage
    my monthly rebilling...

    My first "batch" of rebills are coming up and
    my account shows the first client to be rebilled
    as having a "Renewal Date" of 6/11/05...

    However when I click on the invoice the payment
    DUE DATE shows as 6/16/05.

    So I'm confused... This person ordered on 5//11 -
    so shouldn't their DUE DATE be 6/11 ..?

    Something doesn't seem right...

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    In your ModernBill go to "System Config" - "Invoice & Billing Settings " and check what you have under "Set Invoice Due Date". By default ModernBill will add 7 days for the due date. If you want the renewal date and invoice due date to be the same you can change the value to 0.

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