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    Common songs in movies?

    What common songs do you recognize over and over again in movies and/or movie trailers?

    I can say, with surprising accuracy that:

    1. If a movie trailer features the song "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" by Natalie Cole, the movie will be a goofy romantic comedy where someone at some point is likely to fall in a public foutain. One of the participants in the romance will be caught in some kind of petty deception, and the relationship will end until that person comes back in a big, dramatic and usually public way to tell the other that (s)he desperately loves them deeply and can't bare the thought of being apart. The movie will be bad.


    2. If a movie trailer features the song "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross, the movie will have a main female character who breaks out of her previous shell of immaturity/obscurity/bad romantic luck and blossoms into a grownup/finds professional success/discovers true love or all three. This movie will also be bad.

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    The song "Requiem of a Dream" is always in trailers that are supposed to look like epics. Lord of the Rings started it off with The Two Towers.

    That's the only song I can think of.
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    So many.

    "YMCA" song. When someone is motiviated to do something. E.g. Mr.3000.

    "Whigfield - Saturday Night" - Teen movies where they go out party

    "Dont worry be happy"

    "Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer" - Girl Power

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    Any good rebellion song from, "The Who".. which seems like the producers of CSI definitely like.

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    SR71 - Right now , will be a teen comedy.

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