All of our plans - Linux, Windows and Unlimited combo Reseller plans all include a 128 bit shared wildcard ssl certificate from GeoTrust.

This is the GeoTrust True BusinessID® Wildcard certificate at $799.00, your free for use.

The ability to offer this certificate extends to our resellers under an anonymous domain of And like most of our features it is unlimited and free to use!

Shared SSL certificates, also known as Wildcard or server-wide certificates, are used to service multiple third level domains.

On our servers this would be at where XXXXX would be replaced by your domain.

By offering this service as a subdomain of you are allowed all the features found under your regular domain but with the advantage of secure connections. This includes support for dynamic scripting like PHP, ASP, CFMX and CGI which many others don't support.

According to VeriSign, a shared SSL certificate "enables Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption and business authentication to Web business customers, but without the need to issue unique digital certificates to each hosted customer. The service offers ISPs the convenience and streamlined management of a single specially licensed SSL digital certificate to share among multiple hosted web sites".

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