Hello everyone, I have been a long time reader, but this is actually my first post. I have been searching for a FREE help desk system that I can use for anything from web hosting to IT support. I have read and searched these forums for months now hoping that there would be new software that someone has discovered since everyone that most people mention is lacking in some way or another. I have probably tried all of them and I will mention a few below, but before I do that I would like you guys to take some time and try this XOOPS module called xHelp. So far from what I see, it seems better than these. Plus it's free and easy to install. It has both a customer interface and admin interface, departments, piping, some iconing, editable email templates, user management, attachemnts, etc... There are no custom fields yet. If you ask me why I have a problem with a certain piece of software below, I will tell you.

- Cerebrus
- Kayako
- PerlDesk
- eXoscripts PHP Desk
- SitePanel2
- Help Center Live
- OS Tickets
- ZenTrack

OK, when I think of the rest, I will list them. Is it me or is xHelp just better? What am I losing?