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    Thumbs up Defender Hosting : I could just rant and rave...

    Alright, my first host review on WHT (at least I think it is), so, let's just cut to the chase...

    Around a year ago I ordered a VPS from Defender Hosting after reading quite a bit of positive reviews here on WHT.

    I signed up for the generic $40/month account to host one of my sites on. The order went through quickly and smoothly, the migration was a bit problematic. Defender Hosting had some problems transferring the files due to problems on my old host, eventually they just did a regular migration (not cpanel stuff), and it worked out fine. In a few months I would upgrade to a higher priced VPS, all went well, and around two weeks ago I ordered a dedicated server from them, a dual Xeon. (That's right wm2100 a dual Xeon...). Anyhow, I'm going to keep this review more about my VPS experiences, and include a bit about my dedicated server, and then in about a few weeks time write a full review about the dedicated aspect.

    Defender hosting is at Equinix, and there is really nothing I can complain about. ($65/Mbps is a bit high, but worth it all the way). The network is really rock solid, and it's great for several Game Servers I host for a community. I never encountered high latency, choke, packet loss, or anything of the like.

    I really can't say much about support, services are unmanaged, but support always treats you like a managed customer and is really always there to help, response times during business days are really quick.

    Sales is really patient, although a bit slow at times, they were really eager to offer me guidance with many things from cpanel compatibility with 64bit systems, to hard drive differences, sales are absolutely great.

    My VPS always had great performance, no one on my node was a resource hog, and thus my sql times were really, really nice, unfortunately I managed to get a trojan, and support took some time to figure out the problem.

    There were two times in one year that I had downtime. The first time another customer screwed up something on a node causing the CPU to be used up, Defender moved me over to a new node, downtime was about two hours. Another time one of the drives in the RAID Array failed, causing several hours downtime while it was rebuilt and the system fscked (That's a funny word o_0). My dedicated so far has been rock solid, the support at Denfender hardened it for me, which is always nice.

    Side Note
    I'm someone who's really loyal to companies, and thus if I ever change it's about once every two years. I would recomend Defender to anyone, it's not a budget nor a premium host, but I like them, and I plan to stay at Defender for a while =)

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    Great review. Any ETA on their new site?

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    Last I recall it was coming for the last eight month or so, so I don't think they have an ETA, they merged with PowerVPS some time ago, so I don't think it's coming anytime soon.

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    Good Review


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    Trust me, you will stay with Defender Hosting for a long long time. They are among the few best dedicated/VPS hosts out there that will treat you like big customers. I have been hosting some dedicateds and VPS with them for almost a year. Tom, Charles, Rob Yates, Ahmed, RJ, Athira, and the rest of crews are running a top-notch operation there. There have been a few times my servers crashed at 3 or 4 AM in the morning but there were always a few techs there to fix the issue.

    Their BGP mix network has been improved lately, with the addition of two GE lines from BTN and Tiscali. I wish they can get the price down a bit at some time later so I can push more bandwidth that way

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