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    Question PHP Programming Pay?

    I'm sorry if this is not in the correct forum.

    I was wondering what kind of pay would you expect for creating a non-object oriented PHP script, which would require approximately one hours work.

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    $50 or so if it's done well.

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    I believe that legitimate PHP coders can earn anywhere from $50 to $125 per hour, depending on their experience and level of work needed.
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    $50-100 is a good estimate, also depends on your php knowledge. I would personally not pay a beginner $50 for an hours work, while an advanced/professional coder who knows what they're doing and gets on with it would probably achieve alot more in the hour.

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    Originally posted by The Bear
    I believe that legitimate PHP coders can earn anywhere from $50 to $125 per hour, depending on their experience and level of work needed.
    Show me where PHP coders can earn anything close to $125 an hour and I'll show you a happy man.

    Sadly PHP coders are well at bottom of the pay ladder. I think $50 per hour is very good for PHP work.


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    How longs a piece of string ?

    Here in UK its about 40-50

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    i just did about 10 hours of php work for $250. took me about two days after my real job. And i threw in a 3 month service plan if anything goes wrong / "its exactly what i asked for but not what i wanted" stuff comes up.

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    ^^ That's a good philosophy because at least you're more likely to get return business.

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    It depends a lot on the experience, time frame, and amount of time required. $50 for a one-hour contract is quite reasonable.
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    $50 seem about right

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    Originally posted by Viperal1
    $50 seem about right
    sry forgot I had this account here, atleast someone didn't take my name :-)

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    I get these people telling me they'll pay me $5 for a script that will take 5+ hours to complete. That's less than $1/hour for my 4 years php experience.

    I just blow them off and tell them I have more important projects to take care of.
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    It really depends on the person doing the work, and how good they are. If it is only something that takes an hour or less, I'd charge around $20, but that's just me.

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    The answer to your question is in direct relationship to the developer's location. The world is big, and the payment range will vary significantly.
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    So how much would you pay a Zend Certified Engineer per hour then?!

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    It depends on so many factors. For me, because I'm a nice guy (and hence I'll never be wealthy ) it would be around $18USD, but then i live in New Zealand which means I get by on less. For somebody living in the states, you wouldn't get less than $40 I expect, but for somebody living in India or within the former soviet block you wouldn't get MORE than $18.

    Completely depends on the circumstances, the programmer, the amount you get done in that hour, etc etc etc.

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