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    how to copy cpanel packages


    after migration, everything is copied except the packages.

    anyone know how to copy the packages in the old vps to the new vps
    without typing again the reseller packages?

    what sort of files should i copy?

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    Use the WHM account transfer function. If you don't have root to your old machine, use "Copy an account from another server with account password" in the Transfers section of WHM. All you need to do is put the IP address from the old server, the domain name, user name and account password and WHM will import everything, create the account and all. Then you just need to update your DNS (if you changed DNS).

    I've transferred about 60 accounts (even one that was 948 MB) using this method.

    Good luck!

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    what i mean is the hosting packages.
    the account and data has been copied already

    but the hosting packages like PLAN1, PLAN2, PLAN3
    youve made at the previous vps was not copied.

    how can it be copied to the new vps without creating
    the packages again?

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