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    Host with all the right stuff!!

    Im looking for a host, and have been looking for about 2 weeks. I want the right host. I need something that is between 3.95 and 9.95/mo. Im mostly concerned about ssh access, shared ssl/private ssl, at lest 10 email accounts, 10 mysql databases, php, and cpanel, or another major brand. No custom junk control panel. Has to be hosted on a linux box. Space and bandwidth are not that big if an issue as I can always upgrade. I am starting small, but plan to grow, and eventully turn the site into ecommerce. Any help would be great.


    Any reviews on
    I would use host gator but they dont provide ssh access

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    Do a search, or check out the shared/reseller deals thread.

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    I use a Site5 reseller account. They have SSH access.
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    You should really have no problem finding a host that fulfills those requirements. Good luck on your hunting

    Edit: Don't forget to let us know who you go with and why!
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    Alot of hosts allow JailedShells, you'd just have to request for em.
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    Most host will ask to fax your passport for shell access. You'll need dedicated IPs for SSL so make sure your host offer that. And... good luck with my 2 cents ;-)
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    Go with, no doubt!

    Good luck!

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    eMaxHosting offers SSH ?

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    Many hosts would fill your needs. Personally, I have a good experience with Micfo, for instance. They have e-commerce features on all accounts.
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    I would assume even hostgator will provide you with SSH access if you request it from them.

    The majority should have no issue with giving it out.
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    Originally posted by fondofMac
    Go with, no doubt!

    Good luck!

    Which site of yours do you host with emax? You must REALLY be happy with them, since you reccommend them so often.

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    Originally posted by Darph Bobo
    Which site of yours do you host with emax? You must REALLY be happy with them, since you reccommend them so often.

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    Best regards,

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