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Thread: help RSYNC

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    help RSYNC

    OK ....
    I must learn rsync........

    I need to syncronize a website over the internet using Rsync..

    1. What programs do i have to download?

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    You need to download rsync. Now is this on windows or linux?
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    windows xp

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    You will need to install Cygwin first, it's a Linux emulator
    Then install rsync. I think it is available as a Cygwin package, but if it isn't, you have to download the source ( and build it on your computer.

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    i downloaded Cygwin which includes Rsync ...ok
    i am going to use ssh for security.......

    cwRsync do i need it?
    what is it for?

    i am try to understand CwRsyng, SSH roles with Cygwin and Rsync

    Thank for your help.....thanks for your previous replies aslo..
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