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    Free E-Mail Text Ads from - Help us test our new system!

    Hello fellow WHT Members ...

    I am currently testing out our new email advertising system at and wanted to open up advertising slots to WHT members who has been members at WHT for over 6 months and have over 200 posts.

    As we are in the testing phase, the price is FREE!!!! Your ad will be rotated thru with all the other text ads in our system. Only ONE AD will be shown at the bottom of each email sent from our website (i.e. insults sent, tell-a-friend email sent)!

    Also because we are in the testing phase, we cannot make any gurantees on how many times your ad will be shown / clicked on during your advertising period.

    If interested, please PM me the following:

    Contact Name:
    Contact Email: you will recieve nightly email updates on how your ad is doing
    Ad Header: limit 25 characters ... this will be what is hyperlinked
    Ad Text: limit 200 characters ... this will be shown after the hyperlinked text
    URL: where you want the visitors to be sent to after clicking on the ad header

    Example ad format / layout:

    Email Insults - Send anonymous email insults to your friends!

    We hope to have this testing phase completed in the next 10 days so that we can fully incorporate our advertising system into the website and offer WHT members very special advertising rates.



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    PM sent with information.
    Great offer and thanks!
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