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    [For Sale] Email Website With Over 250 Accounts!

    I am selling a rather popular email website called e1mail.
    This website was originally started in August of 2004, but unfortunately the script that the site used then was limited to only send and receive web mail. I then contacted the programmer and asked him to update the script, and we both worked quite hard together with it for several months until we were happy with the features that the current version has. I myself did not do any of the programming, but I was the main bug tester and I suggested all the features. Scott Wheeler (Fresh Mail Owner) then developed the script.

    We have had many problems along the way, and we have to completely reinstall and rebuilt the website 3 times. The latest re-install was last November, and since then 261 people have signed up for email accounts. There is also 9 forwarding accounts but these are no longer offered, as we have not added them to the signup page. This can be easily accomplished in seconds through the simple to use admin panel. There is on average 5 new signups per week, and we receive about 1 support email a month.

    The script has many features - some of the main ones are listed below;
    Built in Webmail
    Built in Junk Filter
    Built in Address Book
    Built in Calendar
    Built in Account Management
    POP and Forwarding accounts
    PayPal integration for accounts
    Instant Account Activation
    Fully featured administration
    Multiple mail domains support
    User group defined permissions
    Multiple skin support with changer

    Please feel free to register for an account at, and test out the system. Currently there is one bug which we are working to fix, and that is to do with attachments. I would prefer to update the new buyer on that rather than post it here. That should be fixed within the next few weeks, when myself and Scott finish our next lot of upgrades.

    So far I have paid $140 for the website. That price consists of $50.00 for the license, and $90.00 for the copyright removal at the bottom of the page. Included in this price is an unlimited amount of support and you will receive the contact information for both the developer and myself, including full live chat support. This is a license that never runs out, and I will transfer it to the new buyer after the sale.

    This script is always being updated, and some of the current features that are being implemented and tested are as follows;
    Mini Address book on compose
    Email Multiple Addresses
    Sent Items + Drafts save option for 5 days
    Send Admin Password - ADMIN
    View Accounts Limit - ADMIN
    Register a new account - ADMIN
    Upgrade / Downgrade account - ADMIN
    Account Password modification - ADMIN
    Support Desk Add-on

    These upgrades will be released within the next few weeks hopefully.

    The domain currently receives around 35 unique hits a day, but this fluctuates quite a lot. The site also uses about 500MB of bandwidth a month. This website has never been promoted at all, and signups have all come from word of mouth I believe. There is also about 150MB of space being used; this consists of a few small attachments and the standard files. MySQL disk usage is short of 1MB as emails are stored in files, not MySQL. This significantly decreases the load time of the website, and the server load.

    The current costs of the website are just the monthly hosting fee and the yearly domain renewal. The domain is currently registered at TOS domains, but I will include a free domain transfer to 2UK2, where you will have full control of the domain name. I have never sold and banner advertisements on the website, nor have I ever sold any type of advertisement, or received any money from the site itself. However, there are plenty of ways in which you could make money from the website. Firstly, the website has a built in Ad-Manager, which is accessible from within the Admin panel. All you have to do to work this is type in the HTML code. This could be used to display banners of any size as well as Google ads. Secondly you can edit the signature on all out going emails, for example you could put a link in this. I know some email websites that charge thousands for this type of advertising, and it could be a great way for you to make some revenue. Finally you could send out emails to all the users of the site, through the mass e-mailer facility located in the admin panel. In these you could include HTML adverts, or anything you wish.

    The Fresh Mail Standard script which is used on this website is extremely rare. I myself own most of the copies in fact, and they are on my test websites. There are roughly 15 copies on the internet at this present time.
    Also, I do develop skins for FMS as well, in case you decided you would like a change. & are my two latest test sites. Please note that they do not use the most recent version of FMS, in fact they are only version 1.x rather than version 3 which we now use on e1mail. I do request that you do not register at Heiss mail and Free mail, as your account may be lost in future upgrades and work to those sites. Also, there are quite a few errors on the above sites.

    Well, Iím sure you are thinking why are you selling this site? The reason is that my mother has recently become rather ill, and I need to pay medical fees and carer fees now. These amount to quite a lot, and I need to get them paid very soon, and for this reason I will be selling a lot of my websites.

    I have not yet set a BIN price, as I have never seen an email website for sale before. I will open this up as an auction, and I will close it in 36 hours unless some people request an extension. Please feel free to either post the bids here, PM me them, or email them to [email protected]. Once again, I am looking for a fast sale and will consider any BIN offers which you make to me.

    Upon full payment of the website, I will email you the cPanel username and password, the administrator username and password, and I will also ask you to create an account at 2UK2 so I can push the domain to you. I will include free hosting for 1 full month after the sale, or I will be more than happy to assist you in the movement of the website to a new provider. The payment for the website will be via Paypal.

    You may contact me on the below methods;
    Email : [email protected]
    MSN : [email protected]
    AIM : H2UK2
    YIM : H2UK2
    And of course PMís

    Finally thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I look forward to receiving your bid.

    Steven Billings
    2UK2 - Local Solutions, World Wide Potential

    First-Rate Support, Stupendous Prices, Remarkable Uptime

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    I'm Scott, the developer of FreshMail Standard. This site is a great site that has really come along from the first version. I remember it as a low - featured email service with just the signup, login, and compose / receive email. Now it has many more features including a calendar, address book, and the webmail system itself has been improved a lot.

    Steve is a great guy, who has helped me a lot with his sites; and testing the script. The site comes with a "special" licence for FMS that is for people who donate to the project; the special version is not yet installed on e1, as its not been fully coded. I will however upgrade it to the special version when i get the files. The special edition is similar to the standard one except theres no powered by line, and you get a free welcome pack (dvd disk).

    The FMS License will be transferred to your account at Fresh Develop, the site will be available shortly and i will contact you after the sale about the license transfer.

    If you have any questions about the script itself, then please email me:


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    Hey there, I know you said PM bids but strictly speaking this isnt a bid - could you let us know the approximate amount you are looking to recieve for the site, also please post if there are any current bids and the high bid if there has been.

    Thanks =)
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    You can email, PM or post bids, it's up to you

    I really don't have any idea about a price. Like I said, I have never sold, or seen an email site sold before. I am open to all offers - within reason.

    The site may be down at the moment, as the server it is hosted on is being rebooted. Shouldn't be long though.

    Thanks for your interest.

    Steven Billings
    2UK2 - Local Solutions, World Wide Potential

    First-Rate Support, Stupendous Prices, Remarkable Uptime

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    Howdy. So is the site that I mean is it generating any income currently that supports the hosting?

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    Well currently I haven't attempted to make any income off the website, as I have been too busy really.

    The website is currently hosted on one of my servers, so hosting fee isn't an issue. There is a banner for 2UK2 (my company) on there, and that has directed over two hundred people, and 3 people have signed up for plans, which isn't too bad

    Thanks for your interest, and please feel free to ask any more questions you may have.

    Steven Billings
    2UK2 - Local Solutions, World Wide Potential

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    Are there any standing offers?

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    Not as of yet.
    I have had 5 or so people contact me asking for a BIN price, and an expected sale value, but I'm not really sure on these.

    If anybody is interested in a quick sale, I will take $250 via PayPal, and I will send you the details within 30 minutes of receiving payment. This may be nothing like what you were expecting, but it is just a quick guestimate. Feel free to bid still, or make an offer for a BIN.

    I have already paid over $140 for this website, so I do think that $250 is fair, considering it receives 900 unique hits a month, and it has over 260 members.

    I'm going to either close the bidding tonight or early tomorrow evening.

    Steven Billings
    2UK2 - Local Solutions, World Wide Potential

    First-Rate Support, Stupendous Prices, Remarkable Uptime

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    Thank you all for your interest.
    This website has now been sold to boomers, and he was a pleasure to deal with!

    MODS - Please close.

    Steven Billings
    2UK2 - Local Solutions, World Wide Potential

    First-Rate Support, Stupendous Prices, Remarkable Uptime

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    Thanks for the smooth transaction
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