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Thread: Dinix Down?

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    Dinix Down?

    What's the deal with Dinix? My VPS ( is down, their entire helpdesk is down, and is being spotty in loading. My clients are noticing it too

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    Angry same here

    maybe it's time to change provider

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    We're back up.

    Ironically, looking for a new host is exactly what I was doing when they went down. I'm thinking PowerVPS ( looks good too).

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    what about servint?

    the give you 4 ips

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    support phone is not available

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    Servint does have a support phone, and they answer it 24-7. You talk to a real tech, and you do not get sent to voicemail or one of those "Press1 for blablabla, press 2 for blablabla" systems.

    The tech also stays on the phone with you while he fixes the problem. He won't make a promise and end the call, leaving you wondering if it will be done or not.

    Servint's phone support is the mark which all companies should be judged against.

    Second Pro-Servint post today. When I look at the other hosts I have used from this forum, I have to say that Servint has some of the best VPS support.

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