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    Google Adwords

    I emailed them about a billing issue I had on Google Adwords. I applied a coupon code and got 35$ credit and when I activated my account, they deducted 10$ from my credit card and 10$ from my coupon. Thats 20$! I emailed to ask why this would happened, and I havnen't received a reply from them yet. It was Saturday that I emailed them and no reply. Could the weekend delay their response? For those who emailed them, when will they reply? Today maybe? All prices are in CDN dollars incase your wondering why it's 10$.

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    Google tends to take a rather long time to respond to your questions. A few months back I opened support ticket about some billing issues and they responded 2 weeks later.

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    Customer support doesn't work weekends and it is the Left Coast so they should be rolling into work right about now. Actually I think they start at 0800 PST so they've only been going for about 4 hours now.

    If you want a quick answer, their number is (866) 246-6453

    Have your customer number ready...
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