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    Exclamation Turnkey Websites Online Shop for SALE

    I created the site "The Turnkey Solutions" a few months ago to sell websites I create but now my hosting business is taking off I haven't got the time needed to advertise this site.

    Running the site is a breeze as the administration system I wrote for the site allows everything to be managed at the click of a button.

    The site is @

    The earning potential is huge and you will have complete control over what you charge for the websites. This is what is included in the sale:

    [list=1][*]Domain Name -[*]Fully Developed Site as you see it now[*]Complete backend administration area which I've custom built to allow you to add, edit and delete products with a WYSIWYG HTML Editor - it allows you to upload product images too quickly and easily[*]Custom built shopping cart system linked to PayPal for Payments[*]Built in Template Monster Affiliate System using WebAPI[*]One customer which is signed up, bought a site two months ago so the three months free hosting is up this month so he will provide 2/month income for the hosting[/list=1]

    I advertised the site on Google adsense for 15 days under the keywords Turnkey Websites at a cost of 30 and received three sales - one stayed with hosting on my server which is the customer included in the sale, two had the sites set up on their own hosting accounts.

    If you are interested, then please reply to this thread or PM Me. All offers will be considered.

    Payment will be via PayPal.

    * If you would rather the site worked in US Dollars rather than GBP Pounds then I would be able to change this for you.
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    Forgot to Mention

    ALL the Turnkey Websites for sale on the site are included with the sale.

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    How much are you approx. after?
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    I would be looking for somewhere in the region of the value of 5 sales which is equal to 200 or around $400
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    Would it be difficult to incorporate a feature allowing users to purchase memberships to access the sites (similar to or

    Have you had any offers yet, and if so what is the current highest bid?
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    Current High Bid is $420

    P-nut - I've sent you a PM about those changes.

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