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    Server Questionz

    What Is The Server Consist of and wht is the differance between the server and the normal pc ??

    can i made a server by my self to host my sites??

    thx alot this questions may be stupid ,so sorry cuz i am new in this ..


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    Well a server is just like a pc except the form is different. For example since servers are designed to use less space the case is often a 1u or a 2u rackmount unit which is much thinner than your typical dektop case. You could build a server by yourself but it'd be easier to just have another company build it.
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    wht i will need to build a server can any one help ??

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    Hope that helps

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    You know knowledge to build your own server, which means you have to buy individual parts and build the computer.

    Otherwise you can buy them:
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    the effeciency of the server(the i will build) will be like the normal or not ?

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    You'll probably find it's a helluva lot cheaper just to buy some decent hosting from someone.

    But, hey, you could also develop your own Operating System if you wanted to as well.

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    i plan to make more then 7 sites that will contain alot of data may be with time more than 80 gb so i think to bulid oe or buy one is cheaper than rent one

    rent a server from theplant will cost me monthly from $249 to $499

    but if i buy it from it will cost me from 530 to 1750 $ forever
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    Just don't forget after you either build it or buy it you will still have your monthly co-lo fees and bandwidth charges, and if something breaks, who will fix it?
    Sometimes what looks cheaper isn't really unless you are close to the data center and have spare parts on hand to replace quickly...unless of course these are not "mission critical" sites and you can afford to be down while waiting for parts & getting them installed.
    There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. Just reminding you to consider all the sides of the issue. If you have to buy a server then pay the co-lo fees, then have a service contract etc. for maintenance you'll be back to the price of a "rented" server.
    Plus when the processor in your own server (or RAM or HD or whatever) is no longer "state of the art" in a year or two you have to build or buy another where with a "rented" server you can just change or upgrade.
    That's why if you shop you will see many dedicated server providers offering very low prices on servers that are "older" technology that's lost popularity and they have extra servers sitting around. (I was tempted by one the other day that after adding the control panel and Fantastico charges was still only $90 a month...older technology but I could have used it as a test bed for some projects or whatever...the price was just SO good for what would have been $200 a mo. not that long ago)

    Also I'm a bit concerned that if you are asking the difference between a server and a PC if you have the knowledge or skill set to operate a dedicated server & keep it upgraded? If not you'll be paying a management company to do all that for you, plus if you build your own you will probably be paying more for single licenses of whatever control panel & other software you might want.

    Just some thoughts to consider...

    PS: They may be a great company but the one you linked to has a non-working web site that says it will be finished last January...that is not necessarily the worst thing in the world but you would think they would at least update their advertised "launch" date for their new site since they are 6 months behind what it says
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    To have it colocated it will cost you probably at least $100 a month, on top of the cost of building the server, so remember that.

    I would recommend simply getting a dedicated company from a company such as LayeredTech or EV1.
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