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    How do you get your site on Google/Yahoo?

    I as just wondering if there was any different ways to get your site on Google/Yahoo.

    Someone told me to go to and register it there,

    are there any other ways? would google/yahoo find the site even if i didnt place it on dmoz?

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    DMOZ is important.

    If you already have a site listed in google the link from that site to the new one. Google will then find the new one when it comes back to spider the first site.

    I have heard that it is not a good idea to use the add url page in google.

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    You'll wait a while for DMOZ to list it and there are no guarantees they will.

    If you wan to be in the natural search results of Yahoo & Google then write lots of great content and structure your site and keywords so the robots can figure out what you're about.

    There are a number of free directories you can get your site listed on.

    You can link your site in your signature on different forums relating to your content. If you're helpful to people and have decent content you might glean a few links that way.

    Don't expect the link stuff to happen very quickly or for great dominance. It takes a lot of patience to do it right but it really does pay off. If you want immediate results and can monetize the visitors, consider Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing to get immediate traffice but study up on PPC networks first as you can spend a lot of money doing it right and much much more doing it wrong.
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    There is no downside to using Google's ADD URL link but it may take months for Google to index your site.
    The fastest way to get into the search engines is to have other sites link to you. Preferably well ranked and busy sites that get indexed regularly by Google. Posting in forums is a fast way to get backlinks - don't promote your site in the body but put links in your signature and in your forum profiles.
    Note: This gets you indexed but does not necessarily help with good index rankings.

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    What really helps tons is lots of links to your site - the more links, the more often the search engines will find your site.

    However, having search engines visit frequently is no guarantee of strong listings on those search engines - and webhosting itself is such a very competitive industry online that it would be very difficult to rank for major industry keywords without a very serious (possibly even loss-leading) campaign to get there.

    Although content helps, for competitive areas, links are what really matters.

    If you have any more questions then feel free to ask.

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    In addition to what is said above....

    To get the robots to visit fast setup a blog (free) and post 1-3 posts to it per day for about 2 weeks include a link to your "money site" and Google will pay you a visit.

    This is only for getting Google to visit a new site.

    Getting quality incoming links is the most important for getting high rankings in Google.

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    thanks for the feedback..

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    In theory if you want to get all your pages listed on google fast you should use this:


    Let us know if it works.

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    I just get a few links from a few directories / industry related portals related to clients sites.

    Never had a problem getting sites listed, that's the easy part is a good starting point for a few directories.

    really all you need to do is put up a link off one of your current sites thats already listed in the search engines, in no time you should see googlebot, inktomi and msnbot hitting the site.

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    I agree with those who said use links. And also you could try submitting to some of the free listers. Theres one on the bottom of my links page.

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    you can submit your url to one of their partner sites. This method work well usually.
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