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    Arrow Hosting Your Website With A Different Host Than You Are Re-Selling?

    I was wondering if you guys think it is a good idea to host your main business website (The one you use to sell your hosting) from a totally different hosting company.

    Seems to me that this might be a good idea in case the server you are renting goes down, you can still inform your customers of whats going on. But for some reason it doesn't seem like many people do it.

    What do you think?
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    I was wondering if you guys think it is a good idea to host your main business website (The one you use to sell your hosting) from a totally different hosting company.
    Yes, IMO it is a good idea. At the very least, have a second emergency support site that is not hosted on the same network as your customers.

    But for some reason it doesn't seem like many people do it.
    If you're talking about resellers, I have a hunch it is because most of them are in a never ending pursuit of lowering their costs, even if that often leads to low quality of service, unhappy customers, and has a general negative effect on their business. Was I too harsh?

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    Many companies either have there support system on a seperate server or just a simple page that updates will be shown on. If you are just a reseller then getting a small account somewhere will work, if you have multiple servers you could always put the second site on one of your other servers, of course if there is a full network outage that doesn't help. Some hosting companies also provide the second page free of charge as an added feature.
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    Definitely a good idea. You don't necessarily have to use a different host, just get a normal hosting account with your current reseller host. Most hosts use one server for basic hosting and seperate server for resellers.

    The other thing is make sure your support system is redundent. I remember one host I used years ago where the helpdesk was part of the each server so that when the server went down, so did your helpdesk. duh.

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    This is definately a good idea. We have several larger resellers that host thier home site on one of our servers, and thier resold accounts on another server ( or 2 or 3).

    Good business practice.
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    Am I right in stating that Most Resellers do not do this?

    Almost every host ive seen, when my website goes down, so does theres.

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    It depends on the resellers size and their structure. Some resellers split services up between different machines so if one machine goes down not everyone is affected and not all services are affected.

    When you have several sites this is a real plus in not all of your customers are complaining at the same time.
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    Good idea. But we found it bothers few of our clients. Many might think why you don't trust you own server or something. Putting your support/forums in different host however show you care about being there when your servers are not! | Connectivity. Stability. Reliability.
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    Simply inform your concerned clients that it's not a matter of mistrusting your servers, but one of ensuring business integrity. Inform them that many Hosts have servers in more then one datacenter for that reason as well. It's that it's good business practice since machines are not infallable and that buy having your resources spread out you can provide better support in instances of unexpected downtime.

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    Yes my webites, forums, helpdesks, and billing systems are at bocacom in florida, I have one server there, all it does is "my" sites. This way if something bad happens at the data center all the servers containing customers are located then my customers can still contact me, it's definitely a GOOD idea in my opinion.
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    For me it`s a good idea.

    I don`t have many clients, but those I do have I want to keep happy. I ran everything from the one server, and a few weeks back the server went down and I had no way of passing information to my clients. Not only was I frustrated, but in a way felt guilty at not keeping my clients in the loop.

    After the server came back online and all the sites were fully functional, I purchased a small hosting account elsewhere and installed a forum board and `emergency` email address. It`s not a chat board, but something where I can keep folks updated and it`s certainly not as embarassing now if ever my whole site goes down together with my clients again.

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    I have a newbie question related to this topic.
    say that I have two identical websites but one hosted on my server that is shared with my clients and the other one is hosted on a different server.
    Do I use the two different ip addresses in dns1 and dns2 so that if one server is down, my clients can be automatically be directed to the other?

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    Based on what you described I believe your site's visitors will be directed to both servers, randomly. I'm not a DNS expert though.

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    DNS queries alter. so if you have one domain signed to ns1 and ns2 the queries are going to go back and forth.

    You'd think it would ask the first server, and upon failure move the second, but that's not the case. it alternates the queries.

    So what you're saying wouldn't work with the same NS.

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    I do use that metod, i have my sites in my serves, togheter with my clients, but i run a separate site that is not on the same network, just in case...

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