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    Thumbs up Transfer experience to Synergy Blue

    Howdy everyone. I wanted to provide my transfer experience to my Synergy Blue server if anyone's considering them.

    The server itself is a PIV 2.8Ghz w/ 1Gb of memory and an 80Gb drive. The plan is 1000Gb per month. The server is located in the GNAX data center. In addition to being fully managed, the monthly plan includes 100 Urchin profiles (which is huge to me).

    I've had the server for almost three weeks but finally took a few days last week to move the sites from my previous server to the new one (had a lot of scheduling conflicts that prevented me from moving sooner). I moved from a Plesk-based server to the new WHM/cPanel server. The former server provider did an excellent job however I simply disliked Plesk's functionality.

    Andy handled the sales process but also very refreshingly and kindly moved my sites over for me when I told him I simply didn't have the time to do so myself. He even told me that as long as I'm paying for a managed server, I might as well make use of the technical support. Makes sense to me!

    After the sites were moved, DNS propagated quickly over the weekend and I'm now fully transitioned on to the new server. All of my SMTP issues went away and my clients and I are happy as clams.

    SB's support staff is truly 24/7. I put a ticket in at 1am Saturday morning only to have the issue resolved and fixed within 30 minutes (webmail had a bug that required a quick cPanel update). Andy even went out of way to call me on a Sunday from his cell phone to see how things were going. That's going beyond the call of duty, IMHO.

    I'll add an additional review in six months or so but I thought it was important to mention my transfer experience.

    If anyone's looking for a managed server based on WHM/cPanel, I highly recommend Synergy Blue. I'm planning on purchasing a Windows-based server from them in a few months.

    Thx much. Y'all have a good one!


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    Thank you for your kind review.
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