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    Wanting to get started

    I've found a really good cheap & friendly company to use but I don't know what to expect.

    I have a basic grasp of HTML & CGI, is that enough? Is it just a case of selling someone a domain name and hosting space? I've tried Googlong around but I don't know really what to look for. A beginners guide or something?

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    Have you ever hosted your own sites? A good start would be to get a small reseller account and play around with it a bit, get to know what each feature does and how it affects other things. Maybe after getting to understand that host a friends low traffic unimportant site just to get the hang of things.

    Most importantly if you are starting a hosting business create a business plan and make sure you know your stuff before making people pay for your product.
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    Thanks for the info Lubby. I have hosted a few of my own sites before, have one now in fact.

    As for suggesting a friends low traffic unimportant site, that's a great idea.

    Can you advise me on what sort of business plan I will would to be looking at?

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    If you are wanting to get started in the hosting industry. I little background knowledge in using the relevant software and how it all works would be of great benefit.

    Also if you don't know much, start by hosting non critical sites that just belong to friends or something. Start on a cheap reseller account

    Make sure the features they offer is proportionate to the price!
    Dont go for any unlimited webspace/bandwidth crap.
    A package like: 5GB webspace/ 100GB bandwidth/ unlimited accounts - $10 (or less) is not recommended!

    What is? Well, you should research first and learn the true costs. It would be all too easy for me to tell you. It's much better you look into the pricing scheme on your own and find out truly what costs are involved.
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    Lubby has the right idea there, BUT some people jump in at the deep and and just sink host 5-10 people and end up refunding them or running with there money << Not Good !!!

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