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    PGP Usage question

    I have a doctor's office who wants to use PGP for encrypting email. I am not very familiar with PGP. I have read a ton of documentation, but cannot seem to find a straight answer to this question..

    1. If I am the source, the origin of the encryption as I want my emails to be encrypted, I setup a PGP key in my mail program. Okay. My question is, what does the receiver of my emails need to have or do in order to be able to read my PGP enrcrypted emails?

    2. What limitations will encrypting with PGP impose on receivers of encrypted emails. Will this be difficult and clumsy for receivers of my PGP encrypted emails?

    3. Also, is there another way to encrypt emails that is user friendly for the receivers of the enrcrypted emails?


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    I found the answer in another forum. The answer is

    Both users, the sender and the receiver have to be using PGP and have a Public key on the public key server.

    You cannot send PGP encrypted email to others that do not use PGP, you will ge an error that says "destination email [email protected]" does not have a public key on the public server.

    If you use PGP, your email program will give you the option of sending encrypted or non-encrypted email so that you can communicate with those that do not have PGP.

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