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    P4 2.6 Processor Upgrade on a Cel 1.7 Machine


    I have a Celeron 1.7 dedicated server on Red Hat OS working and configured. There is an upgrade offer to P4 2.6 Processor. I was wondering if I take advantage of the upgrade. Will there be problem in the future? I'm scared it will mess up my
    current server configuration. There are to many sites hosting and can't afford any downtime. Please advise. Thank you.

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    Upgrading your processor would have no effect on the your server, OS or software. You'd get a huge performance boost

    However, if you change the moderboard (different model), then you'd definately have to put up with issues - Build, Share & Embed - Windows VPS Hosting, ASP.NET and SQL Server Hosting
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    There is a risk but there should not be any problems. Be sure to keep remote backups just incase.
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    I have a server running very well with Debian Sarge on a Duron 700 MHz and 192 Mb SDRAM so I will have to change the PC but I was wondering if I could put the same HDD from the old PC to the new PC without any problem and without touching anything in the "software" configuration ?

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    It's really all about the drivers. If you're running the standard Debian kernel, you should be fine. Make sure the kernel supports the disk controller and network card on the new box, since that will at least get you ssh access.
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    Ok, thank you for your answer .

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