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    * DN Resource

    Hi there Guys,

    I am shortly going to be setting up another DN Resource Site. Will have articles, discussions and domain tools on the site...

    But Im now Stuck. I need some more suggestions on what you guys wana see on a Domain Resource site.

    Please help me help you guys


    Site is due to launch End of July.

    Will update the thread with URL once it goes Live.

    By the way... Im new and I think WHT Rocks

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    Well, for a start, if you could combine all the resources listed in Ferman's "Domainers Handbook 300+ LINKS" post here:

    And, of course, make all of these resources available for free.

    Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask for the moon.

    Seriously, Welcome to the forum, MamboYard, and Good Luck with your new venture.
    You may delay, but time will not. --- Benjamin Franklin

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