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    Looking For A Fit

    Hello... I'm new to this forum. I am starting a television consulting business and need to get my site up. I have got some decent information on Hosting companies, but can't seem to get accurate information on whether or not using a mac is going to cause problems. I have a solid design for the business and will need to use that design on the site. My needs are fairly basic. Could someone help me with this?

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    Using a mac should have absolutely no effect on which webhost you use.

    You can publish to your host using multiple methods (ssh, ftp, etc.) and the important part is getting the content there - afterwards the host does the rest!
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    I don't see why using a Mac would cause any problems. Of course, if you're new to web hosting, it would be nice if your host's support staff could support a Mac user, since most PC users don't have a clue when it comes to Macs.
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    Using a MAC will have no effect on your site. Many of our site owners are MAC users as well.
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    Thanks for the info guys. I think I need to speak with the tech folks instead of sales. There are so many choices that look the same on the surface. My site will be fairly simple, but I will need to have a small amount of hi res video up. My clients are, for the most part, TV stations. Because of this, I will need to be able to exchange some medium size video and graphic files also. The sales guy at Startlogic told me my video needs were no problem, (although he sounded very unsure) but that the mac was an issue in terms of the site design and some potential email problems. If you haven't guessed by now, I am totally new at this, but not afraid.

    Thanks for all your help!


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    Hi Will, I'll sum up a few issues that could cause problems with a Mac--

    1) Every PC renders websites a little differently. A website on a Mac will 90% of the time look different on a PC.
    2) Some control panels [what you use to manage your web site] have problems being displayed [see 1] on a Mac. Plesk had this problem up until a few months ago, IIRC.
    3) While POP3 email [email sent from and stored on your PC] is pretty universal, most hosts are familiar with configuring Windows-based applications.

    Videos and graphic files are no problem, but you need a solid grasp of how bandwidth works. Say you have 300MB of space and 10GB of bandwidth. If you have a 20MB video, it can only be downloaded 500 times before it alone uses up your entire bandwidth limit. Keep that in mind, and also check on how your hosts handles bandwidth. Some will let you go and charge you for the bandwidth you used over your limit [usually a pretty high fee] or will make your website unavailable.

    I would definitely talk to the tech team of a site before sales [which it sounds like you're doing] to see how competant they sound. Even if they don't use a Mac, if a host is willing to work with you on a problem, it should be more than enough. And if worst comes to worst, you can always head back here to ask a question.

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