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    Arrow Online backup software

    Had a thread up about this, but seems to have disappeared...

    Looking for a backup solution that will take Windows Small Business Server 2003 data and backup to another computer over the Internet.

    Has 30gigs now, but will grow to about 200g over the next year... graphic files.

    Needs to be automated to run nightly differential backups.

    Backup software for 2003 Server is good, but not sure if it can be used to send the backup to a remote online server.

    Budget up to $200... maybe more, if justified.

    Backup machine can be either Windows or Linux.

    Any advice and particular software experiences will be appreciated... thanks!

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    You want to use rsync. It's the best solution out there on any platform.

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    rsync is interesting for the backup server... but is there is a version that will run on the actual Windows Server?

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    install cygwin (an invaluable unix compatibility layer for windows) and rsync will be provided with it one check box click away.

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    Is cygwin a simple install on Windows? Compatible and stable on 2003 Server?

    Any other suggestions?


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    You could use something like Ghost. Version 9 does not need to run in DOS, and happily does incremental backups quickly. You will have to create the incrementals locally, but them simply copy them once completed.

    On windows, I'd prefer this method as it will take a full image of your server, locked files and everything, and is very easy to restore from.

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