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    The website’s name
    rental cottages
    The website’s URL and
    The google PR of this site is 4.
    there are 7,100 pages indexed by google.
    A description of the website (what it does/sells/etc.)
    The site has listing of cottages available to rent in the UK, the somerset domain has live links to a merchant and you will earn $13.50 (its only made one sale since January) per sale, the main domain name does not have any links to a merchant, I cant find the details on the merchant I was using but the site is earning alot more money without links to them, google adsense brings in all the money and generates roughly 21 CENTS per unique visitor.

    Last month the site only made $243.96
    This month its already made $93.20
    earnings so far this month

    The site is averaging $17.66 a day this month but will continue to grow.
    Detailed traffic info
    Most of the traffic 60% comes from MSN search, 30% from google and the rest from other engines, I think the site is in the google sandbox for the terms it is aiming for, once it comes out of this sandbox the traffic should shoot up and so should the earnings at 21cents per unique visitor.

    Daily traffic this month

    monthly traffic

    Revenue information

    The site is very much in growth, in the middle of May I pointed all the Coop weight this site has at it, the traffic and earnings have gone up since this, the total co-op weight for this site is 4510.

    The earnings this month should come to about $530.

    What comes with your sale?
    Its all custom coded in PHP with mysql backend. Ive used mod rewrite to make all the pages SE friendly.
    How old is your site and why are you selling?
    Site is 6 months old and I'm selling to raise some money to get a deposit on a house.
    Your asking price

    BIN Price $9000

    I don't mind helping to set up this site for you If you have any problems.

    The site runs itself, I have put about 30 minutes into the actual site since I made it in January, this site is a little profit machine and will keep making you money for years to come.


    Payment by escrow (buyer pays fees)

    Any more info needed, please feel free to post and ask.

    Best Regards
    Matthew Keen

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    Dumb me, I've sold site that makes $6000/mo for $35,000. I'd rather get (9000/240 = 25) 25x6000 = $150,000 for my business

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    The site is doing $17.50 a day, thats close to $530 a month.

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    and yes thats very dumb of you to sell a site for less than 6 months revenue

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    Originally posted by worldUK
    and yes thats very dumb of you to sell a site for less than 6 months revenue
    I agree

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    none of those image links work for me

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    Can you post a full output of the awstats?

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