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    Feedbacks needed -!


    Has anyone heard of a company called "Whitherspoon, Seymour & Robinson Corp.", their website address is: w w w . wsr . biz
    I'm about to incorporate in Delaware with them and opening a corporate bank account with their help, but i just need someone to tell me that he has already has an experience with them and they really do provide a service they declare... or someone has heard something about them etc...
    The reason for incorporation is to open a business PayPal account because i'm from non-supported country.

    Please help me find reviews about this company.
    Also, here's another one which also declares that they are able to do this: w w w . slogold . net

    I was originally going to incorporate with help of Valis International, but they have written me that they are not currently able to open US bank accounts and offered me to wait one month.

    Looking forward to hearing any answers!

    BIG THANKS in advance!
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    If you are not a US citizen and cannot come to the US for a face-to-face meeting, its now very difficult to open a US bank account. Provisions of the USA Patriot stipulate that the US bank must confirm your identity before opening an account. Many banks will only do this thru a face-to-face meeting. That's definitely part of the package that they may have trouble delivering on.

    Just let me add that I know nothing about the company (good or bad) that you are requesting a review on. I just know that its more dfficult in general to open a US bank account nowadays.
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    Yeah, but is it just harder or impossible?

    Yes, i heard about that. That happend after 9/11 horror...
    BUT, one of above mentioned companies offer nominee banking, so that their nominee accountant will open bank account for my company and that accountant has real US SSN number and the company will have it's EIN number.
    Another company tells that it is possible also.

    That's why i want to know if someone has any experience with those companies i mentioned above... so that i know if they do really provide their service or not...
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    I'd be hesitant to say its impossible, but it is definitely a lot harder to accomplish. Also, the ability to send and recieve international wires has been greatly restricted. For example, many banks will only initiate wires with a "wet" signature, or if you physically come to the bank and sign for the wire. Obviously, this is not always going to be practical (or possible) and can render the account useless. Be sure to ask about any restrictions on wires.
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    Hi I was just wondering how you got on with
    Whitherspoon, Seymour & Robinson Corp.?

    Thinking about using them myself.

    thanks in advanced
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