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    Hosting at or

    I plan to get hosting services and now I am wondering between adn

    Both of them offer: MONTHLY- $9.95/moth or ANNUALY-$7.95/month
    Both of them work under Window enviroment ( I prefer it )

    Your ideas are highly welcomed and I would like to express my thanks in advance.

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    Have you done a google search for reviews?

    Or do a search on these forums about both of them. See what people think about both the hosts.

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    As recommended by the previous poster - search around the forums.
    I would skimp on the google search, it can turn up absolutely nothing worthwhile and most likely a few paid reviews.

    The members of this forum are a 'more reliable' (or at least semi-reliable) source of reviews.

    Search around, research research research!
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    GoDaddy's 9.95 plan includes a SQL Server 2000 database which you need to pay at least $10/mo to get from EasyCGI.

    EasyCGI's 9.95 plan includes shared SSL certificate which GoDaddy charges extra fee for it.

    Neither EasyCGI nor GD give you free Web Traffic Statistics, but you can pay $1.95/mo to get it from GD.

    Just HP-David suggested, do more research before you pay.
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