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    Reliable/good support VPS in Europe?


    Looking for a VPS in Europe with reliable support, and great server performance(not overloaded). Any idea? Or am I asking too much? Pls don't offer I've tried them, and got headache very often from them . Target price 20-35 EUR/month would be OK for 10GB storage.


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    and great server performance(not overloaded).
    Any growing company will have it's fair share of quirks. Our company is growing, and we have hired additional support techs to handle telephone calls directly.

    We have provisioned, just in the last 48 hours, two brand new Virtuozzo servers, with one more coming in on Thursday. This has been hectic for everybody, including us.

    We are responsible, business-conscious individuals, and realize that nobody wishes to experience these issues. We are sorry to have disappointed you & apologize for this. We have improved in the last week not by adding new technicians, upgrading to a better support tracking & billing system, and adding new servers.

    Once again, we apologize for dissapointing you during this period, there is certainly no excuse for it.
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    Geminiq could you elaborate about eurovps?

    We have a bundle of VPS with them and all our customers are happy with the spead an network stability. I consider Eurovps among the best VPS providers in Europe.

    When I got my first VPS with them, I wasn't very clear about Plesk, so I had many questions to ask. I matter of 3 hours, I exchanged 25 emails with their support. They helped me step by step until I was able to use my VPS without hesitation!

    I run a hosting company and I know that there is good and bad times. Sometimes we have 100% uptime during 3 month, then, 3 outages in 3 days! However, EuropVPS have good equipment and are really involved in customers satisfaction.

    I want to point some technical fact: VPS are never overloaded. The end user only is able to overload them if any. You have your own disk partition and you own reserved memory. So, I you feel that your VPS is overloaded, you would consider to upgrade to a dedicated.

    If you need a dedicated, I would recommand from Dallas. They have great offers from $50 and their support is friendly and responsive. We have few dedicated server with them and 100 % uptime on each.

    Again, VPS are designed and built for low to medium frequentation websites. If you post more about your website, I can help you to choose the best dedicated or VPS for your needs.
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