Atlanta, GA - SiteSouth continues its expansion for the colocation market. SiteSouth has reached an agreement with Global Net Access ( GNAX ) to be the exclusive provider of locking cabinets in the GNAX 55 Marietta Street data center. "We've worked with GNAX for over two years and have been very happy with the quality of the GNAX network during that time. The GNAX management has proven to be strong and responsive to its clients and partners. The new expansion and commitment should help provide us with the expansion room we need and provide us with some new options for enterprise hosting in the future." said Michael George, President of SiteSouth

In addition to the new space in Atlanta, GA SiteSouth continues to add new clients and space in the Las Vegas, NV market."We are very happy with the progress and growth of the Las Vegas market," said George."We see this as a very good growth market for the next 3 to 5 years and will continue our expansion there to meet the market demands."

With data center facilities located in Atlanta, GA and Las Vegas, NV SiteSouth provides colocation and dedicated server hosting.