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    Make money from your website?

    I have an Indian website with thousands of Indian visitors visiting daily..Can anyone tell me how to make money from it?Please tell me anything other than Adsense cause thats just useless!
    please tell me something that really works!

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    Sell advertising to companies for a dedicated spot on the website (banner), or lower the price a little and put it in a rotation.
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    Thanx buddy.
    Anything more?

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    We have many Indian members, so I would suggest you offer banner advertising to those targetting India (and surrounding areas) for the most part. Try placing an ad in Advertising Opportunites forum
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    Ok...Not a bad idea... I can try doing it!..
    Thanx anon-e-mouse...
    But tell me something like any company which pays a lot for putting their popups in the site..

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    I was going to say advertise as well.

    Maybe you could sell merchandise? Like get t-shirts, mugs, etc. done & sell them on the site.

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    People who visit my site are of kind who dont like spending money on net..But they help me in filling various affiliate offers..I want something like a popup ad which hass a high payout or something like google ads but only who gives money on page views..
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    AdSense Useless?

    Why did you say AdSense is useless? I make hundreds of dollars every month on my sites with AdSense. So it doesnt seem too useless to me. Have you tried it? Where did you put your ads and what kind of ads did you put up?

    Another way I make money off my sites is to sell advertising space. Banner ads at the top of all my sites I sell the space and use a free banner ad serving application to serve the ads for my clients. So that might be another option.

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    Yea, best thing you can do is contact possible companies that would be interested in advertising and show them some of your website's stats, if they are interested then they would probobly love to advertise!
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    I even sell advertising on eBay - if you can show that you have good traffic people will buy. I just advertise an auction for so much money per thousand impressions.

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    Gosh, the number of affiliate programs you could join is virtually unlimited. I don't even know where to begin. You can search for some ideas. Also, I would recommend supplementing with Adsense on some pages. Doesn't have to be your primary income stream but it can certainly supplement a page that doesn't reallly have a place to try to advertise a "thing".
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