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Thread: Hardware prices

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    Hardware prices

    I'm intrested in knowing the price of these hardware in other countries. I would be thanks if you place these hardware prices ranges in your country:

    P4 2.4 (1M cache)
    P4 2.8 (1M cache)

    40GB HDD
    80GB HDD
    120GB HDD

    256MB DDR
    512MB DDR
    1GB DDR

    the price of these hardwares in my country (Iran) is:

    P4 2.4 (1M cache) : 115$
    P4 2.8 (1M cache) : 145$

    40GB HDD : Not available in the market!
    80GB HDD : 55$
    120GB HDD : 70$

    256MB DDR : 23$
    512MB DDR : 40$
    1GB DDR : 73$

    (I exchanged the prices from Rial to USD)
    Now it's your turn

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    Just curious - what do you need this for? Or you're just beeing curious?

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    I'm just curious.
    because when I see the one time setup fee of upgrades in DCs, I see many many difference between them and the prices in my country!

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