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    False Advertising

    Been seeing quite a bit of this within the hosting industry as of late... after spotting a particularly bad website today i figured i'd lay it on the table and see if anyone else is as annoyed by this as i am... It doesnt affect me directly, just ticks me off to think of customers getting ripped like this...

    Saw this banner on WHT...
    ( )
    Ok, 2.5GB space, 500GB Bandwidth for $5/month right....?

    Nope, after reaching their home page, you see that that plan is actually $20.95/month... but wait, theres more! and though theres no mention on that page that it's "From" $20.95/month, after clicking on "More Info" you find out that it's actually $29.95/month

    Is it just me, or is this sort of thing extremely misleading?

    Rob G.
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    They want you to click on their ad, then just click click click click on their ad

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    Looks like something that Inet would not want to have advertised on their sites. You might want to contact them and make them aware of the misrepresentation.
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    Funny I started to post on this exact banner this morning and got the whole thing written out and accidently closed the browser and did not have time to re-type it all again.

    If they put in the banner Hosting As Low As $X then it should not be a problem but saying 2500megs/500 gigs for $5 and then finding out it is actually $20+ is wrong.. Legally wrong?? I don't know but not playing very nice.

    The reason I clicked on it was I was wondering how they were selling 500 gigs of BW for $5/month in the first place.

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    and the only plan they have for $5 per month (that I could see on their site) is

    +200 MB Storage
    +60 GB Bandwidth
    +Unlimited Email Accts
    +Frontpage, Mysql & More

    and subject to a $10 setup fee.......

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    It's only hurting them. If you send a user to your site expecting one thing, and then deliver another, they will very rarely buy anything. They may get 50000 clicks, but very very few sales. - Shared cpanel hosting, 99.9% uptime.
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    "etechsupport2" i agree with you False Advertising is EXTREMELY illegal where i come from although on the net its hard to stop theres so much of it alike Spam its been made illegal but they still havnt even stopped 1% of it really. LOL

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    This kind of stuff is quite frustrating - although the U.S. is slowly becoming a nation with too much seemingly false advertising in general. "conditions apply" messages in miniscule font sizes or on the radio with that super-fast talking guy after the car commercial.

    It's too bad really.

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    I think he's just wasting his money and ruin his business. People would click the ad and never visit his site again.

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    False advertisers might be thinking that you have money and they have pockets, their target markets are the new customers or newbie's, they can be trapped easily by them.

    Their advertisements are full of colorful nonsense, attracts easily to a simple and common person.
    Some time and some situations a common person have rarely the common sense I observe.
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