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Thread: Is this right?

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    Is this right?

    I work for ktfcc and they have a webhosting divsion which i am the manager for ktfcchosting the hosting divsion of ktfcc and i was given reseller status since we were on a reseller before we partnered and now since we just partner a company called darkactive and i am not longer able to be given root access so when hes afk i cant setup resellers when ppl who live near me pay me in cash.

    one more thing he pays me by comission but i prefer to get paid by per hour for work i do not by comission

    Is this right do you think?

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    I'm confused.

    4 hosting plans starting at $5

    3 hosting plans starting at $3,50
    Lookup your IP:
    Proxy Guide:

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    Also, is there a reason you use fake testimonials on your website?

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    I've had the same thing happen to me a while back when i partnered with another company then they sold up but i'dd already contracted 51% of the company to my origional partners.

    My answer. This isnt right is it a legal contracted partnership? you may have a case if it is.

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