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    issues w/apache and win xp

    im running apache 2.0.54 on xp and im finding that computers outside my home network can't access my computer (using an IP address, i don't currently have a domain directed to my IP). i can access the root dir by typing in localhost or my IP in the url bar, but the same does not seem to work for anyone else.

    im new to running a server, in fact i have no idea where to start trying to fix this. i would very much appreciate any help on the issue.

    ps i have comcast if that makes a difference

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    Are you behind a NAT router? (ie a broadband box that is connected to the outside world?) If so, your home lan can see each other quite happily, but the outside can only see that router.

    You'll have to look at 'Port Forwarding' in your router manuals (and google) to help you. You'll want to forward port 80 to the PCs you have apache running on.

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    Do you have an actual or internal IP address for your machine? If you run ipconfig /a from the command line on your machine what does it return? its possible comcast has you behind nat and/or has port 80 blocked (as comcast like most cable ISP's does not allow the running of servers)

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