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    Horde + Firewall

    On one of our servers we have Plesk. We also installed a firewall that only open certain ports on server, ports that are strictly required.
    Unfortunately, when firewall is running, my clients can not access webmail (they can see the login page, but can never login). POP3 access is working well, no other email problems. It seems that the firewall is blocking the port where horde tries to enter.

    Do you know what ports should we open on firewall to be able to use horde?
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    I believe that port 2096 should be open.
    Another solution would be installing a proxy which you can find
    here .
    If you decide to use it,remember to change the password(s) after that.

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    I have a similar problem. I've opened up ports 2095 and 2096 but still no effect - when users try to log in, on IE they will be sent to a blank redirect page and on Mozilla Firefox it will say login failed. Are there other ports that need to be opened up? Is there a configuration file that needs to be edited somewhere? I am a bit new to all of this so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...


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