I want to hear some more feedback and opinions from folks all around the Web hosting world. Please feel free to check out things now as they have improved by leaps and bounds since the first few that you listened to a few months ago. If you haven't listened yet, give us a shot and if you listened in the past and were not impressed, try it again! I bet we can change your minds.

Yes I know I said I was taking a break this week from doing the Web Hosting Show and yes I know a week has not been up yet. What can I say though? I got the itch to put out a brand new editon of the show. I guess I can't even drag myself away from it even when I try. What does that mean? That means more work for me, and more Web hosting fun for all of you.

I am Mitch Keeler and welcome to episode 16 of the Web Hosting Show, the voice of the Web hosting world. On today's show we are going to cover layout theft, price drops in Web hosting, a new way to get your legal papers for your Web hosting business, and so much more. Before we go any further though, I have to mention that this show is sponsored by the fine folks over at Web Hosting Chat. Web Hosting Chat is your number one place on the Web to discuss the world of Web hosting. All the links, stories and everything else mentioned on this episode of the Web Hosting Show can be found on the show notes. Where are the show notes? You can find them along with past interview and episodes at www.webhostingshow.com.

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Now as everybody knows I have taken some time off to get the back end production of this show a little more organized. A few things have been changed for various reasons, and I'll go a little deeper into that a little later in the show as well. The important thing is that you are here, you are listening and hopefully you will walk away from this knowing a little more about the Web hosting world.

That is what we do here, and I think we do it pretty damn well. I'm not in this for the money, the fame, or the fortune. I am in this to help as many folks out there as I can with the wild and wacky world of Web hosting. No aspect of technology is perfect, and Web hosting is no exception. It is confusing for both Web hosts and Web hosting clients. Hopefully with all of us discussing and thinking about these topics though things will get easier for all of us in the long run. I want this show to be something that Web hosts can listen to and then turn around and tell their Web hosting clients to check it out as well. I am here to help everybody from the new guy down the street all the way down to the Web hosting expert that just wants to get his voice known.

So how about we get this party started?

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