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    [Premium banner space] You decide cost (auction). Homework help site w/ 6000+ members

    There is one (and only one) 468x60 banner ad space available on this homework help site. It will be located right below the words 'Homework Help'... front and center! (no rotation)

    Now, this ad space usually sells for 50USD/ month, but I"ll let you decide how much to pay by looking at the two May Webalizer screenshots that are located here and here . I'm starting the price at 30USD/mon. Bidding stops when there are no more bidders for more than 24hrs (and i reserve the right to end it early too).

    Some other information:
    - Traffic has increased just about every month since inception back in 2003.
    - 97% traffic from US
    - ALL traffic is from ORGANIC search engine results. (Free Homework Help, Homework help...etc all rank VERY well in ALL search engines).
    - There are about 6,000 reigstered members now... most of them highschool and college students (probably 50/50 male-female)

    Ads must be school age kids appropriate (no pharm/gambling). Ad subscription must be paid via PayPal with 2 month subscriptions. Your ad will be active so long as the subscription remains active. No refunds after ad has been placed for any subscription time period. You have the option of changing banners during your subscription.

    Of course, let me know if you have any questions. If you want more screenshots, just let me know...

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    Let's start with $1
    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't touch this!

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    Originally posted by tuwebfacil
    Let's start with $1
    he said bidding starts at $30

    Anthony B.

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    Originally posted by TheBush
    he said bidding starts at $30

    Ups sorry, well, let's say 30.07
    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't touch this!

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    Yep, thanks for pointing it out- bidding did start at $30.00

    So it stands at $30.07/mon, making the total out to be $60.14 (what a weird number )

    Anyways, 4:15AM EST US is too early for me or anyone, so if no one else bids by tomorrow morning 9:00AM EST, you get the banner spot for two months. I'll PM you the link to paypal at that time.

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    Hmm.. Ok, so the highest bidder is at 31USD (arg...).

    I can see this going on for a very very long time.... so, i'm going to say that the next bid must be at least 35USD, and then at increments of 2.50USD. If no one else bids, the auction end tomorrow at 3:00pm.

    This will prevent...

    23:59 hours later...
    23:59 hours later

    Okie, that is all.

    C'mon! Raise the bid!! I usually sell this for 50USD/month! :-)

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    I'll shoot out 35.

    Wagman Productions, LLC

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    heh.. i've already agreed to sell it for $31/ mon. Maybe i'll extend the auction in the future to get more bids. But I"ll let you know if it doesn't work out.

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    ah well. let me know if it doesn't pan out.

    Wagman Productions, LLC

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    Banner Ad sold.


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