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    Looking for recommendation on Linux VPS

    Hi. I'm looking for recommendations for Linux VPS.


    1) Cost
    2) Reliabillity and Trustwothiness. I don't want a host that will go down (with my data!) or poke around in my files.
    3) All I need is a Linux distro (preferably RHEL or a clone like CentOS) and SSH - no cpanel, no handholding. Except backup servcies would be nice.

    Please supply:
    a) Do you work for them?
    b) How long has your experience been with them?
    c) Cost
    d) Best event with them, worst event with them

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    This post is for my recommendation to ServInt

    a) No, I don't think staff would be allowed to respond to a thread like this giving an opinion about the company they work for.

    b) I've been with them roughly 6 months

    c) 130/month for 30 GB space / 500 GB transfer

    d) Best event would be the assistance that their staff has given me. You said you don't need hand holding, so me explaining this would just be a waste of time (they helped me with a lot, so I could be considered a hand holding regular)

    Worst even would be when BTN was having latency and connection issues, but they still kept us updated regarding it. That and the targeted DDoS, but that was also filtered and resolved quickly.

    I hope this helps.
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    I would certainly do your best to steer clear of someone whose referring you to their own services, stick with your original requirements.

    Some of the leading providers around:

    Either or are good choices, although not exactly budget providers by any means but their support is rarely hit or miss like it can be with other providers.
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    Steadfast Networks is very good as well.

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