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    Stat Options For Large(2gb) Log Files?

    We are having troubles with stats reporting on our dedicated server.
    the techs have been working on it for over a month and had no success.

    they suggested the following...but I cant seem to locate any information when searching. can anyone offer some suggestions,search terms,or software that can handle this for us? thanks alot

    "Larger sites handle stats with non-Cpanel solutions. Logs can be collected into databases as opposed to flat files and processed by running queries against the databases. I currently do not know how Urchin will handle a 2GB file. I can tell you that most applications will have problems accessing a file that large unless it's in database form."

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    Have the logs processed more often and remove the old logs. Once you hit 2Gb apache is going to go haywire as well so you need to do whatever you can to stop them from hitting 2gb.
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    If you need the log files, compress them and rotate them regularly. The bigger the file, the more work and there are OS / Software restrictions when it comes to large files.

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    Urchin will have absolutely no problem processing a 2gb log file.

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